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Board Certified in Addiction Medicine

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Chemical Dependency Defined

Chemical dependency is a brain disease. Although initial drug use might be voluntary, drugs of abuse have been shown to alter gene expression and brain circuitry, which in turn affects human behavior. Once addiction develops, these brain changes interfere with an individual’s ability to make voluntary decisions, leading to compulsive drug craving, seeking and use.

The impact of addiction can be far reaching. Cardiovascular disease, stroke, cancer, HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, and lung disease can all be affected by drug abuse. Some of these effects occur when drugs are used at high doses or after prolonged use, however some may occur even after just one use. People addicted to alcohol and drugs drink/use because they have a disease.

Dr. Finkelstein specializes in treating addiction. His mission is to help people get well so they can return to living happy, healthy, productive lives.


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Addiction Medicine

Addiction is a brain disease and a chronic behavioral health disorder that has several complex causes. The most effective and widely utilized method of treating addiction is the multidisciplinary approach.



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